One comment on “Teaching In Seychelles

  1. Dear Jackie
    My name is Jamila Rodriguez, I am dancer and choreographer, currently living in the UK but on my way to South Africa. I studied Afro Brazilian dance and contemporary dance.
    I was awarded a scholarship to do a masters degree in Choreography at Cape Town University and I will be arriving on the 7th Feb.
    Your article about teaching in Seychelles was send to me by a friend that also works in community dance.
    I was fascinated by your report, not only because of the nature of the work, but the connection you gained with these young people, and as you said, Seychelles people have rhythm that intrinsic in the body and culture, and I was very excited to know that the Seychelles International school is open to exchange projects and that you are able to bring new culture and art form to these people.
    The reason why I am writing to you is to know if you are able to send me the contact of someone responsible for this exchange project, as I am organizing to travel to Mozambique in July to deliver some Afro- Brazilian dance and Capoeira, together with another teacher, and would be great if we could extend our project to the Seychelles School and community.
    I come from a Brazilian background, and it is also important for me to share with others about the richness culture of Brazil, to connect, to share and to learn with others.
    I hope you can help me, and wish you good luck for the future,
    Keep the good work

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