Iron In The Soul. Big Dance 2012

Church House Gardens Amphitheatre


Science Art and The Universe

An experiment on stage. The evolution of rhythm from chaos to order and back again, as choreographed by The Cosmos


and performance opportunity

Iron in the Soul is a project which tries to depict the most compelling and awe-inspiring aspects of popular science in a 40 minute dance production, with flamenco at its core.

The company will include professional flamenco artists plus a chorus comprising a broad cross-section of dancers from the community.

The piece explores the nature of rhythm in science, art and culture.

The schedule begins with a series of exciting experimental dance and rhythm workshops by Flamenco Express, leading to a full performance

at the climax of BigDance 2012 on July 15th.

The project offers the participants of all ages and skill-levels a laboratory in how choerographic order emerges from chaos, and a rare opportunity for dancers from a wide range of disciplines to share skills, explore the relationship between rhythms and movement, and to contribute to an innovative performance which examines the boundaries of Science, Myth, and Art.

Workshops led by La Joaquina, Chris Clavo, Caitlin Smith

1. Sunday 25/03/2012 11am-2pm
2. Sunday 27/5/2012 11am-2pm
3. TBA
Greenwich Dance. Royal Hill. London SE108RE
Performance. 15/07/2012 3pm.
Church House Gardens Amphitheatre. Bromley High Street, Bromley, BR1 1HA

Featuring Manuel de la Malena, La Joaquina, Chris Clavo, Caitlin Smith. And Company

Jose Merino & Natalia García Huidoboro 


The story of Pythagoras, the Anvil, and the Music of the Spheres  

Burntwood School Performance. April 26th 2013


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