Flamenco Guitar Lessons in London

Learn the most exciting style of guitar playing in the world..

I can show you..

• What compas is and how flamenco works.

• How to build a strong modern flamenco technique.

• Studies and exercises designed to reinforce the compas or rhythm.

• A repertoire of classic and contemporary flamenco falsetas in all the different palos or styles.

• How to improvise and turn your own musical ideas into flamenco.

• How to accompany flamenco dancers and singers, and how to create flamenco solos.

Chris Clavo

I started learning flamenco guitar in London in 1992 and then lived in Spain throughout  the 1990’s where I had the chance to  study with two of the modern masters of flamenco guitar – Gerado Nuñez and Manolo Sanlucar.

I learnt to accompany dance with Carlos Heredia in Sevilla and got a serious education in how they play in Jerez from Diego Amaya and Jesus Alvarez.

I am now based in London and continue to work in the UK and Spain with some great artists including singers Luis ‘el Mono’, Manuel de la Malena, Ana de los Reyes and dancers La Tati, Belen Fernadez, La joaquina and Titi Flores.

Mi Soleá

La Farruca. Cante – Luis El Mono, Baile – Joaquina, Percusión – Titi Flores

Flamenco is my passion – I love to pass on this great art form.

Classes from beginners to advanced – £25 per hour – Greenwich or East Dulwich.

To book or just to find out more..

Chris Clavo

07718 103824

0208 299 1356



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